The Q & A regarding Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA can be found below.

  • The SFAA was founded in 1962
  • Around 2’800 members, about 100 new members join each year.
  • To promote quality and ethical conduct throughout the industry
  • To achieve high standards of training and vocational practice
  • Worldwide networking of the profession
  • To cultivate contact with the leading Swiss training institutions in the financial services industry as well as with universities of applied science and universities in Switzerland
  • To enhance the public image of the profession
  • Financial analysts, credit analysts and investment fund analysts
  • Portfolio managers
  • Wealth managers
  • Investment advisors
  • Asset managers
  • Investment fund managers
  • Relationship managers
  • Economic researchers (such as currency forecasters etc.)

Membership entitles you to a large number of free services:

  • SFAA Club
  • AZEK Campus
  • SFAA News
  • Membership List
  • Handbook of Best Practice
  • Participation in studies specific to the sector
  • The General Meeting, with dinner and entertainment

For holders of a Federal Diploma of the SFAA the annual subscription fee is CHF 195. For all other persons the annual subscription fee is CHF 295.Members who do not pay the subscription after two reminders are expelled from the Association. Those members who hold the CIIA, AWM or the CIWM forfeit their diplomas.

Yes, the secretariat of the SFAA must be given written notice of resignation for the following year by no later than the end of December. Important note: holders of an international diploma (CIIA, AWM or CIWM) forfeit their diplomas if they leave the association and are no longer entitled to use these letters after their names.

To ensure high standards of training in the financial services industry.

SFAA wishes to offer its members the opportunity to find out about new topics and also to get together to exchange ideas.

SFAA wishes to offer its members the opportunity for Continued Professional Development.

The Handbook of Best Practice replaced the Code of Conduct and is intended to promote compliance with ethical standards. In signing the declaration the members promise to observe the ethical standards set out in the Handbook. If the members do not sign the declaration the are expelled from the SFAA.

Just like any other member, they are expelled from the association. Apart from this, they lose the diploma and forfeit their right to use the relevant letters after their names.

SFAA is the organisation that the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI has recognised as the examining and awarding body in relation to the diplomas.